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We know that you trust This is the reason we have set high standards for our secured transactions and adherence to the customer information privacy. Please note that our privacy policy will be subject to changes at any point in time without any prior notice.


We usually collect personal information like name, email id, contact number and such other details during the process of setting up an account with When browsing a few sections of site without you being a registered member, you will not be able to place an order. We use your contact details so that we can intimate you about the timely offers, which are based on the previous orders and also depends on your interest.

We make use of the personal details for providing you with service requests. For various purposes like troubleshooting problems, collection of fees, for surveys and for providing information on various offers, we need your personal information. We also collect and analyze the demographic and profile data about users activity in our website. We make sure to identify and use the IP address for diagnosing problems in our website.

Our site is featured with strict security measures and due to this, we help in protecting the loss, alteration and misuse of information under our control. If in case you want to change your access of personal account information, we make sure to provide with secure server. Once the information is with us, we make sure to adhere to the stringent security guidelines and protect the same against unauthorized access.

CHOICE/OPT-OUT provides to all the users with a chance of opting out of promotional and marketing related services from us on behalf of our partners, after you set up an account.

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We use trusted third-party service providers to perform certain services on our behalf, including: shipping, payment processing, data storage/management, web hosting, web analytics, fulfilment, assembly, marketing, mailing, emailing, etc. These service providers only receive personal information if such information is needed to perform their function(s), and they are not authorized to use any personal information for any other purpose(s) other than the purpose(s) set forth by 22kjewellery.

Collection and Use of Information
As a welcome guest, you can browse our Website without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. At various times, you may decide to provide us with your personal information. You should know that we receive and may store all personal information (whether written or oral) that you provide to us through whatever means you provide such information (through our Website, via e-mail, over the telephone, etc.). Personal information means any information that may be used to identify an individual, including, but not limited to, a first and last name, home, billing or other physical address or email address as well as any information associated with the foregoing. In addition to your contact information, we may collect information about your purchases, billing address, shipping address, gender, occupation, birthday, marital status, anniversary, interests, phone number or other contact information, and credit card information. We may combine the information you provide to us over time and we may combine such information with information that is publicly available, collected through data collection devices, and information that we receive from our partners, affiliates and other third parties.

Use of Your Personal Information
We may use the information we collect about you to:

1. Facilitate your purchases and provide the services you request,
2. Confirm and track your order,
3. Respond to your inquiries and requests,
4. Compare and review your personal information for errors, omissions and accuracy,
5. Prevent and detect fraud or abuse,
6. Improve our Website, service, product offerings, marketing and promotional efforts, and overall customer experience,
7. Identify your product and service preferences,
8. Understand our customer demographics, preferences, interests, and behaviour, and contact you (via email, postal mail, or telephone) regarding products and services (of 22kJewellery or our partners) that we believe may be of interest to you.

How much do you really know about the expensive jewellery you purchase? We hope you find the information here on the different aspects of jewellery and tips on how to take care of them insightful and useful.

Gold jewellery
Gold is widely considered as aspicious metal. It’s warm yellowish tones, its elegance and its luxuriousness, make it the most sought-after precious metal today. Man has been using gold to fashion jewellery for thousands of years, mainly due to its versatility and striking appearance. In its pure form, gold is a Dense, Soft, Shiny, Malleable and Ductile to increase its sturdiness and strength. These metals can additionally enhance gold’s color and sheen. The different metals mixed with gold determine its purity, or karat weight, and its diverse tones which can range from black, rose and purple to grey, yellow and white. Although the prices of some platinum group metals can be much higher, gold has long been considered the most desirable of precious metals, and its value has been used as the standard for many currencies. Gold has been used as a symbol for purity, value, royalty, and particularly roles that combine these properties. Gold is a sign of wealth and prestige.

Gold karats
The purity of gold is typically expressed in karats (k or kt), not to be confused with diamond carats. Real gold ranges in purity from 10kt to 18 kt, 22kt, 24 kt being approximately 99% pure gold. Gold purity can also be expressed as “fineness” which measures the purity of gold in 1,000 parts. 990 gold fineness, for example, indicates 99% pure gold.

Gold colour
Naturally Gold has a warm Yellowish color Depending on the alloy mix and Gold polish, Gold may take on a variety of different colors. The two most popular colors of gold are yellow gold and white gold

Yellow gold
Yellow gold is the most common and familiar gold color on the market,18kt, 22kt and 24kt are the most common purity grades. While 18 karat gold is considered to be more warm and radian, 22kt is the Dominating purity to Buy.

White gold
White gold is perhaps the most popular color of gold today. White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, usually nickel, manganese or palladium. Like yellow gold, the purity of white gold is given in karats. White gold’s properties vary depending on the metals and proportions used.

Gold Care
To keep your gold wedding rings or engagement rings looking like new, it is important to remove gold jewellery items when participating in any activity that could scratch, chip or damage them. Always store your gold jewellery in their original containers, soft pouches or cloth-lined jewellery boxes. To clean your jewellery, simply soak it in a mild solution of warm soapy water. If necessary, scrub with a soft-bristled brush such as a toothbrush. Then dry your gold jewellery with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Never use paper towel or rough, thready rags.