Product Sizing

What if the ring that I buy does not fit me?
We advise our customers to check the size of the ring before placing of an order or you can check the ring size guide online. After placing the order, if at all the ring that is purchased by you does not fit, then you need to send the ring back to us at your own cost. We request you to go through our exchange and return policy in detail.
If the ring does not fit me, can I take the ring to my local jeweler to get it resized?
Yes you can. But however, we do not recommend it as we do not accept such items that are modified by third party. It also voids the 30 day return policy and lifetime exchange policy as such modifications, if done incorrectly, can lead to damage of the gems or even the strength of the setting.
Are all the rings same in size or do you have different sizes available with you?
When you shop with us, the size of the rings will be shown to you. Other than the standard ring size that has been displayed, if you select any ring of other size, service might be required to get it adjusted. If you opt for the ring sizing service, it will take up to 3 additional business days.
Do you offer engraving services?
Sorry. As of now we do not provide such service.
What if in case I do not know the ring size?
To check ring size, you can visit the Ring size guide link on our website.
Is it possible to get a ring in such size that is not available on site?
Definitely. Ring of different size can be ordered. However we request you to get in touch with our Customer service Team on .