How can I make the payment for a product that I have ordered through through online provisions?
We offer different methods for making payment like net banking, debit card & credit card, Cheque, demand draft and fund transfer. Your account information will be confidential and we use SSL encryption technology for protecting your card information.
Will there be any hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs at all. We do not charge extra shipping charges also. The total price that is mentioned in the product page will be the final price.
Will the prices displayed on subject to any kind of change?
The prices are subject to change without notice. You should know that you are liable to pay the amount that is stated on the day of purchase.
How can I pay with the help of a Credit/Debit card. Do let me know if it is safe?
We accept Master card and Visa and we also accept international card. You will need to enter the 16 digit number that is featured on the card and also the CVV Code to initiate payment. We make sure to keep all the debit and credit card details private and also use SSL encryption technology for protecting the card information.
If there are any refunds, how long will it take to reach?
If there are any refunds, we make sure to credit the amount to your bank account once we receive the product within 10 working days. You need to get in touch with the Customer Support Team by providing the bank account and IFSC code, which will be printed behind the cheque book.
How exactly does the online payment method work?
The debit or credit card details that you provide on the payment gateway page will be authorized by the bank or debit/ Credit Card Company. After we receive the authorization, we finalize your order. You will know instantly if your credit card is accepted.
What may be the reasons to refuse my credit card?
The reasons to refuse debt or credit card are mentioned below :

  • If the card number in invalid (May be the result of a typo)
  • If the card does not have sufficient credit balance remaining to pay for the order
  • If the billing address that is entered in the order form does not match with the address in your debit or credit card statement
  • If the expiration date of the is not entered right

You an contact your debit/ credit card issuing bank for any further clarifications.

What are the debit / credit cards that you accept and what banks are supported under the internet banking option?
We accept international credit & debit card. We also accept net banking facility that is provided by the major banks in India. To get a detailed list on the different options of payment, you can refer the payment options.