My Account and Registration

What do I do if I forget my password?
You need to enter your email id on the sign in page and then click on the Forgot password box. A Link will be sent to your email Id,You need to click on that link which will redirect you to the page where you can enter your new password
What is the procedure to change my password?
You can easily change your password in Edit Profile section under the My Account tab.
How can I change my Personal Account Information like address, phone number, e-mail address?
For changing your Registration address, phone number and email, you need to go to the Personal Information link under My Account and make the suitable changes.
Why should I register to ?
Faster Checkout

When you register to Account, you will be benefited with a faster checkout for all your purchases.

Track Order

Tracking orders can be done easily in a single click.

Get Recommendations

As you are a registered user, you would get personalized recommendations on the basis of your shopping history.

Exclusive Offers

You will know about the latest offers and discounts before anybody else gets to know about them.

Make a Wishlist

You can add items to wishlist and then share it with your family and friends on Social networking site.

Save time

Your contact details are saved and by this, you need not type the details every time you make a purchase. This will in turn save your time.